"HappyBaby" is a US baby food and baby products company. It has several industries around the world. Recognized as one of the best. The brand took the second place in the list of Inc Magazine 2011 magazines from the 500 fastest growing companies in the food industry category, this confirms its quality and relevance among mothers who chose HappyBaby among 500 different companies.

HappyBaby Brand History

HappyBaby, often referred to as HappyFamily, is New York’s leading organic baby products company. It was founded in 2003 by Shazi Vishram - the current CEO.

Her mission is to change the diet of American children. They offered parents healthy organic options. In 2005, Jessica Rolf joined as COO and founder.

The company began releasing its first products on Mother's Day in 2006, a line of organic, freshly frozen baby food sold through a chain of stores in New York. By 2010, HappyBaby had grown to more than $ 13 million in sales and ranked 68th on the list of fastest growing companies in Inc. magazine, with three-year earnings growth of over 3,000%. By the end of 2012, the company employed more than 70 people, and its products were available in more than 14,000 stores and 30 countries.

The company raised $ 30 million in debt and equity financing from private investors through a series of tenders, and did not sell shares to private companies or venture capital groups. It was independent and managed independently with all its activities until May 2013, when Groupe Danone acquired 92% of the company as its current partner partners. Shazi Visram and Jessica Rolf, working moms, continue to work in the day-to-day management of the company. Danone is the second largest baby food company in the world and is known for its extensive research on infant nutrition and its mission to improve health through the nutrition of as many people as possible.

Assortment of goods

HappyBaby is the first organic brand to offer a complete line of nutritious organic products for the healthy growth of toddlers and older children. A constantly improving innovative company was a pioneer in this industry, adding probiotics to supplemental nutrition for its products - for example, chia, probiotics and plant-based DHA and choline for brain growth and eye health.

The company's mission is to provide safe, organic and nutritious food so that every child has access to a better start to life. In addition, the company offers other products for children that will help to take the first steps of life - learn to eat, drink, swim and play.

The range of HappyBaby has many positions.

All products can be formed into several main groups:

  • baby food;
  • nibblers for children;
  • children's toothbrushes;
  • baby soothers;
  • bath toys;
  • teething teeth;
  • swimming circles;
  • drinkers;
  • choppers for fruits.

Production of children's goods

“We are a company run by real mothers,” Vishram told Baby Food. I don’t know another brand that belongs to mothers and is independently supported in this category. We don’t need to take orders from bankers. We run our business according to our values and I’m so proud of it. Women are part of the solution in terms of using business in the public interest. They come to the table with different values ​​and perspectives. Because we are mothers and it is easier for us to fulfill this mission. "

The company pays significant attention to the raw materials from which products are made. Materials include reliable chemicals, most often silicone and propylene. Such products do not contain toxic chemicals.

It is worth saying that the company strives to ensure child safety with product reliability. All products are manufactured in a way that makes it easy for children to handle them. Simplicity guarantees their hygiene, as they are easy to clean and clean from pollution.

Quality control of children's products

Since the HappyBaby brand has many divisions and points of sale around the world, all products of the company are subject to certification by the control authorities of the country where they are sold. Thus, products are tested not only in the manufacturing country, but also on the territory of the Russian Federation itself, which increases confidence in its high quality.

HappyBaby in the global market

HappyBaby is still led by the founder and CEO of Wirsham and CEO Rolf. Vishram developed this idea when she was a graduate student at Columbia Business School, where she studied the market for children's products. Rolf, a graduate of Cornell Business School, had a preliminary career at Whole Foods in research in 2005. Amy Marlowe, MPH, RD, CDN and a member of HappyBaby: The Organic Guide for Baby's first 24 months, is the company's nutrition adviser. Both directors worked with charitable and sustainable organizations and wanted to develop environmentally responsible products with a positive social impact. Since its launch, the company has collaborated with organizations such as Project Peanut Butter to help feed starving children around the world.

Visram received a number of prizes for entrepreneurial and business innovation in recognition of its achievements. In 2011, she was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the New York Region and won first place on the Inc.'s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs list. In 2012, she earned the American Dream Award and was recognized in Crain's New York Business 40 by the age of 40 and on the list of Most Powerful Moms magazine. Most recently, she was honored by the World Economic Forum as a member of the 2013 Youth World Leader. "HappyBaby" was recognized for its dynamic team and its extraordinary innovations, including winning Food Processing Magazine in the R&D Team of the Year, named Forbes one of America's most promising companies.

The HappyBaby brand for children works to remain authentic and appropriate for mothers as their babies grow older. The founder and CEO claims that the secret to the company's success lies not only in focusing on innovative products that meet the nutritional needs of families on the go, but also in financing them with numerous sponsors that increase brand reliability.

Where to buy brand products

In Russia, the HappyBaby brand is known, therefore the range of products is quite wide and varied. Now the most popular method is to buy goods via the Internet, but this is not always the best option. Children's products are not worth saving on. The products will directly contact the baby's body (nipples, drinkers, nibblers, etc.). It is best to buy such things in pharmacies, as it is more reliable and increases the chances of getting a high-quality original item from the manufacturer, rather than a one-time copy. In addition, almost every pharmacy has a home delivery service, which also simplifies the process of purchasing goods. Below is a list of pharmacies in which you will definitely find products of this brand.

Pharmacy Eurofarm

You can buy HappyBaby products at the Eurofarm pharmacy. She offers nibblers with nylon mesh, which are designed for children from six months. The manufacturer guarantees the simplification of feeding the child at this age, when the baby tries to start eating himself. The mesh is necessary so that the food particles that are placed inside the nibbler (fruits, vegetables, berries) do not fall into large pieces in the baby's mouth. Therefore, this should provide a safer meal. The pharmacy offers home delivery. More details on the pharmacy website.

Pharmacy IFC

One of the new supplies from HappyBaby to the IFC pharmacy is a children's toothbrush. This device will help to accustom the child to hygiene from an early age. For safety reasons, the company decided to manufacture toothbrushes without a handle, which the baby could harm himself. Instead, the bristles are located on the silicone cap, which is worn on the finger. Both the child and mother (if the child does not know how to use a brush) can carry out this procedure painlessly and safely. The brush is packed in a special plastic case that is easy to transport. Such a device can be used both at home and on the road. Other offers can be found on the pharmacy website.

Pharmacy WER.RU

Pharmacy WER.RU offers the widest selection of HappyBaby children's products. On the website of the online store you can find more than twenty offers from this company. Starting from teethers, nipples and toothbrushes and ending with bibs - all that mom and baby can not do without while traveling and at home. The presence of any product of interest can be clarified by phone indicated on the site. If the product is not in stock, it is possible to purchase it on order. The pharmacy provides home delivery service.

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