The brand "Sensodyne" puts on the market quality products for oral care, recommended by many dentists in different countries of the world. The concept of Sensodyne toothpastes is based on the ability of products to combat tooth sensitivity. This name comes from the English term "sensitivity", which perfectly characterizes the principle of action of the product.

The philosophy of the brand "Sensodyne" is the slogan that the company makes maximum efforts to ensure that in the future people do not suffer from painful sensations resulting from the sensitivity of their teeth.

The history of the brand and its place in the world

For the first time in the American market, Sensodyne toothpaste arose in 1961. She was created by the company of the pharmacist Block on the basis of strontium chloride, which, by blocking the dentin tubules, eliminated the soreness of the sensitive tooth.

In 1980, on the shelves of American pharmacies and stores, a new paste from "Sensodyne" containing fluoride was added. In its composition was present potassium nitrate, which has the ability to soothe the intradental nerves. Twice daily use of the product guaranteed the disappearance of unpleasant sensations to consumers.

In 2000, the brand "Sensodyne" was bought by the famous pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline, whose share of the global pharmaceutical market at that time was about 7%. The headquarters of the concern is located in the UK and America, and representative offices are open in 115 countries. In addition, the corporation has 78 manufacturing enterprises and 24 research laboratories, which employ more than 100 thousand employees worldwide, including 16 thousand scientists. The main production facilities of GlaxoSmithKline are deployed in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Spain and Singapore. The company has established itself in the world as a socially responsible market player, caring for the environment and complying with ethical standards.

Under the brand "Sensodyne", the corporation produces high-quality toothpaste, repeatedly tested by GlaxoSmithKline scientists for its safety and effectiveness in restoring dental health. A wide variety of rulers of this paste helps each person to choose a remedy for himself. The majority of European users, including Russian, together with dentists today choose the means from "Sensodyne" to protect their own teeth.

Brand product range

The Sensodyne product lines today differ among themselves in existing components and ways of working. Among them are the main ones:

  • classical;
  • with fluorine;
  • several whitening lines;
  • with complex protection of both teeth and gums;
  • with instant action;
  • to protect tooth enamel from the manifestations of acid erosion;
  • remineralizing;
  • for fresh breath.

In addition to toothpaste "Sensodyne" today produces several varieties of toothbrushes, as well as accessories for the oral cavity - dental floss.

Fluid fluoride "Sensodyne" helps protect sensitive teeth with sodium fluoride. The substance reduces the reactivity of the nerves of the teeth to painful stimuli. In parallel with this, toothpaste perfectly prevents the occurrence of carious processes in the oral cavity. Due to the low abrasiveness of the rubbing particles of the paste, it perfectly cleans the necks of the teeth from plaque, without touching or damaging the dentin. Clinical studies confirm the high effectiveness of this paste against sensitivity, as well as feedback from consumers and dentists who have been using it for more than 40 years.

The classic paste "Sensodyne" does not contain fluorine. It can even be used by children up to the age of seven. The tool very carefully cleans the surface of the enamel and reduces the occurrence of pain, gives breath freshness.

Bleaching pastes "Sensodyne" today a few. These are the lines of Whitening, Gentle Whitening, Extra Whitening, True White. Toothpaste from "Sensodyne" Whitening is a bleaching agent without hard abrasive substances that could destroy tooth enamel, so even sensitive teeth can be whitened with a paste. This remedy fights the problem of sensitivity with the help of potassium nitrate contained in it, which forms a special protective sheath around the nerves of the teeth, thereby reducing the sensitivity of the teeth. The whitening effect is manifested in the elimination of pigment spots on the teeth, plaque, ensuring protection of the enamel from re-darkening. Thanks to sodium fluoride in the composition, the enamel is protected against caries.

Gentle Whitening paste contains a minimum of abrasives in the composition especially for people with hypersensitivity. Whitens toothpaste slightly, but helps maintain cleanliness and whiteness with regular use. Sensodyne Extra Whitening, in contrast, contributes to a very fast whitening effect immediately on a couple of tones. At the same time, numerous assets in the composition of the drug reduce tooth sensitivity and prevent carious formations. A new product among toothpastes "Sensodyne" with a whitening effect is the tool True White, which contains special components that effectively fight the darkening of the enamel due to smoking and the use of dyes in food. This toothpaste gradually contributes to the softening of mineral deposits on the surface of the teeth, and also well blocks the nerve endings to reduce sensitivity.

Toothpaste "Sensodyne" Rapid Action has a fast-acting effect, protecting the teeth from sensitivity and forming a special protective layer on their surface. Regular use of the product will provide long-term protection effect. The paste can also be applied pointwise in areas of hypersensitivity. To do this, a small amount must be rubbed into the tooth area for 1 minute. After that, you can immediately try cold or hot and make sure that there is no sensitivity in the problem place.

"Sensodyne" ProNamel has a multi-impact. It is able to remineralize damaged areas of enamel, restore its hardness, reliably protect from the effects of acid in the future. Paste fights hypersensitivity without damaging the protective viscous layer of open dentin. The product has a neutral level of acid-base balance.

Remineralizing paste "Sensodyne" Repair & Protect strengthens the upper layers of tooth enamel, restores its damage. It is recommended for those who have undergone clinical cleaning of the teeth to maintain the effect of the procedure, as well as in cases when the external and internal tissues of the teeth are affected.

One month after the start of use, the sensitivity of the teeth is significantly reduced.

New from "Sensodyne" - toothpaste "Fresh", along with the removal of pain, provides breath freshness for a long time (up to 12 hours after brushing your teeth). The product has variable tastes, it is recommended to use it at any age.


To develop its innovations, the brand of products for teeth "Sensodyne" regularly conducts laboratory and scientific research both in its own scientific centers and beyond. Cooperation with third-party organizations to increase product efficiency in the fight against hypersensitivity leads to the development of new, more efficient products that solve parallel and other tasks. The basis of any development from "Sensodyne" is, above all, science and the needs of modern users of their products. Innovative techniques that allow the incorporation of the latest, high-tech and safe components into the toothpaste formulas, lead to the constant expansion of the range and the recognition of Sensodyne products by dentists all over the world.

Among the latest achievements of scientists "Sensodyne" stands out the possibility to incorporate into the toothpastes various complexes of active ingredients, such as tin fluoride, potassium nitrate, the company's own development - the substance NovaMin, for even more effective and safe reduction of tooth sensitivity among consumers. The impact of modern technologies to reduce sensitivity is based on the process of depolarization of nerve endings inside the teeth with hypersensitivity, as well as on the process of creating a reliable layer of protection on the surface of the open dentin of the tooth, which no one has used in such products before.

Where to buy the company's products

Online Pharmacy WER.RU

Today you can buy products of the brand "Sensodyne" both in shopping centers, pharmacies, and on the Internet. You can buy cheap online effective tools to help combat hypersensitivity on the WER.RU website, the range of which today has not only a huge variety of toothpastes from Sensodyne, but also offers users to purchase a soft dental floss from a company coated with a chemically active substance preventing deformation of dentin and tooth enamel. The thread is able to expand during the cleaning process, which allows for more thorough cleansing of the tooth spaces from contamination. Such a thread prevents the occurrence of caries not only physically, but also due to its chemical properties, namely, the presence of 0.02% fluoride in its composition.

Also in the catalog of online pharmacies WER.RU, you can purchase the Sensodyne Expert toothbrush for gentle cleansing of sensitive enamel with rounded ends of bristles, toothpaste from the series "Gentle whitening" from "Sensodyne" and many other products.

Pharmacy 911

The site of the online pharmacy "Pharmacy 911" sells a large range of products brand "Sensodyne". Here, any user will be able to buy cheap online the Pronamel toothpaste from "Sensodyne" with effective tooth protection, remineralizing properties, enamel recovery effect, low abrasiveness and neutral acid-base balance with complex problems with the oral cavity.

Also in the site directory is presented and children's toothpaste from "Sensodyne" Pronamel, protecting children's teeth from the manifestations of acid erosion, restoring hardness of teeth and preventing the formation of carious lesions. A product "Sensodyne" with fluoride can be purchased for those users who, in addition to reducing sensitivity, also want to actively strengthen the surface of the teeth from carious lesions.


Online shop Bueteka offers its visitors a variety of means for beauty and health, among which there are always products of the brand "Sensodyne". At the moment on the site you can buy online toothpaste for deep cleansing of this brand, as well as various toothbrushes that effectively support the oral cavity in a normal physiological state.

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