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Laser treatment of cervical erosion

Laser treatment of cervical erosion is called an innovative technology that can restore a woman’s sexual health with minimal trauma. There is a rather short rehabilitation period here, which should be accompanied by the taking of appropriate medications according to the instructions of the attending specialist.

According to official statistics, from 45% to 70% of the weaker sex suffer from various pathologies of the reproductive system. It is not only about cancer lesions of the female reproductive system. Increasingly, young girls are confronted with ectopia or cervical ectropion.

They also have to fight against palilomatosis, leukoplakia, polyps, dysplasia. One of the most common abnormalities in this area is cervical erosion. Today, instead of monotherapy in the form of a pharmacological course of treatment, or electrocoagulation, doctors began to use radio wave radiation and laser vaporization.

The latter, in conjunction with the medical approach, is designed to quickly save the patient from the problems associated with diseases of the cervix, vagina, vulva. The laser scheme can even cope with the treatment of patients with benign neoplasms, so it is quite possible to overcome the erosion of innovative technology.

Advantages of using a laser

Literally vaporization - a technique involving the laser as the main tool for getting rid of erosion, is translated as "evaporation". The term really corresponds to the main mechanism of operation of the method, since the device is designed to destroy the cells of living tissues. The focus is on a focused light beam of increased power.

Some potential patients are deterred by the price of manipulation, which is an order of magnitude higher than the alternatives offered. Accurately answer the question: how much does such a course of treatment cost, can only a doctor during the initial examination. In each clinic, the price list fluctuates, so it is easier to first find out the cost in several medical institutions before making a final decision.

In addition to the price issue, you should definitely take into account the feedback from former clients of not only a specific clinic, but also a single doctor. Experts recommend putting the aspect of the doctor’s competence in the first place, the reputation of his gynecological practice, and only then consider the price.

Against the background of cheaper analogues, a laser measure has several practical advantages. The most important point of distinctive features is the ability of an unusual technique to cope with tasks that are beyond the capacity of alternatives. It is about the ability to serve a large affected area, it can not be said about cryosurgery.

Other positive features include:

  • short duration of the procedure is about 20 minutes with high productivity;
  • the increased accuracy that became possible thanks to the focused laser beam;
  • reduction of postoperative edema, which is caused by the closure of damaged lymph nodes due to the intervention;
  • permission to use the method for not giving birth to women.

The last point is especially important for young girls, because with the classical surgical path they are expected to have extensive scars. Laser maintenance excludes such an outcome, which guarantees a healthy pregnancy and subsequent labor. Increased accuracy is achieved through the use of a special apparatus - a video colposcope. The doctor directs him to the alleged lesion in order to perform the stated work as accurately as possible. The approach works even when it is necessary to block the damaged tissues no more than half a centimeter in size.

A side effect of "jewelry work" is the reduction of pain and general discomfort during rehabilitation. Also, victims can be calm about the duration of healing with all the ensuing consequences. Even the typical for such a development of events will disturb them much less. The period of sexual abstinence is reduced, and some other limitations inherent in traditional surgical intervention are lifted.

The final positive aspect is the removal of damaged tissue along with coagulation of the border areas. In practice, this means that vaporization blocks small blood vessels.

Such scrupulousness perfectly protects from heavy bleeding both during the operation and after it in the first few days.

Medical indications

Usually women call cervical erosion not only the disease itself, but also adjacent to it, or complex lesions. For the treatment of most of them, vaporization fits like nothing else is good. It is believed that the main indications for the manipulation are:

  • direct treatment of erosion along with second or first degree dysplasia;
  • cicatricial formations;
  • multiple cysts of the retention (nabot) type;
  • endometriosis, polyps located in the lower third of the cervical canal.

When chronic cervicitis is diagnosed along with standard-type erosion, the doctor can also refer you to the laser treatment room. This is explained by the fact that often such a disease cannot be completely cured by conservative measures.

Proper preparation

Despite the simplicity of the technique, it provides for the obligatory passing of a preliminary examination by the attending gynecologist. To confirm the diagnosis, video-colposcopy will be required, as well as the results of some other clinical studies.

Based on the information collected, it will be possible to confirm the verdict, as well as to establish the exact location of the lesion, to assess the degree of the inflammatory process and the ability to determine the area in need of treatment. Concomitant analyzes help to determine the nature of the pathology, as well as to identify latent contraindications, or concomitant diseases in the initial phase of the course.

Preparation does not do without cervical biopsy. Due to it, it will be possible to detect morphological changes in the tissue structure, as well as to determine the features of the pathology. Sometimes, with its support, it turns out to refute a previously false diagnosis, or to catch a cancer at the initial stage of development.

The underlying catalysts for uterine erosion include papillomavirus infection, which is reduced simply to the acronym PPI, herpes simplex virus and hormonal disruptions. If you do not get rid of the original source of the problem before starting to use the laser, then relapse will be only a matter of time. Also be sure to consider the contraindications for the operation. Among them are:

  • inflammatory processes with localization in the pelvis;
  • infection of the cervix;
  • infections in the vagina;
  • TORCH infection.

Moreover, it will still be possible to use the laser if the victim first successfully completes the course of therapy for the infectious diseases found in her. Another point of preparation is the consideration of the menstrual cycle for ease of manipulation. You need to make an appointment for 5-9 day of the monthly cycle.

Phased treatment

In order to remove the diseased cells successfully, it is necessary to follow the step-by-step instructions for vaporization. Any course begins with medical treatment to promptly save a woman from the source that caused the erosion.

Even if you have to postpone intervention for a month or more, it is forbidden to skip the first point of the program, so that you do not face any increased risk of relapse.

Within twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the area of ​​damage, the doctor will control the laser to remove the affected tissue.

When the epithelium is neutralized, the erosive cells that are laid in it are removed. Through time, the organ will again be covered with an identical layer, but only already completely healthy.

After treatment with a laser beam, the tissue begins to reject. Due to the fact that the process takes place on the territory of healthy tissues, regeneration occurs rather quickly.

Coagulation film also departs quickly, but without significant bleeding. Also, this speed guarantees minimal scarring, if it occurs at all, and almost zero chances of uterine stenosis.

On the fifth day, tissue rejection is completed, as evidenced by the cleaned postoperative surface. But until complete convalescence will have to wait about one and a half months. To monitor the health of a woman in this important period, she is put on a dispensary account. During rehabilitation, you need to appear several times at a gynecologist's appointment to rule out possible complications.

The most common complication after laser coagulation is called spotting. After their detection, you should immediately go for a consultation with a doctor, leaving all attempts at self-treatment.

In some cases, after laser intervention, a woman is sent home the same day, prescribing bed rest. But it is better to spend the first time under the close supervision of medical personnel. This is especially important for those who produced general anesthesia.

Most patients cost local anesthesia, which is less harmful to the cardiovascular system, but even such a sparing analog has a significant drawback.

This is a possible allergic reaction. To protect against the likelihood of anaphylactic shock, it is better to conduct an allergic test in advance.

Tips for successful rehabilitation

In order for the treatment to really help, you need not only to find an experienced expert and clinic with new certified equipment. It is important to adhere to all the points from the correct recovery instructions.

It is worth preparing for the fact that after the operation you need to observe sexual peace for one month. In the second month intimacy is allowed, but only in a condom. Details should be clarified with the attending physician to avoid the microflora of the sexual partner in the vagina.

You also need to limit active physical activity at first, taking care of the refusal to wear gravity. If you ignore this rule, you can provoke heavy bleeding.

Of the other mandatory tips highlight the rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages. Instead of tampons need to use only sanitary pads.

Instead of going to the sauna, swimming pool or swimming in an open pond, you should limit yourself to a warm shower to minimize the introduction of pathogens.

The final stage is a visit to the gynecologist in order to obtain confirmatory, conclusively successful treatment and follow up recommendations.

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