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Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage against the background of other popular healing techniques of this kind is a relative novelty. To thank for her appearance is the French doctor Kosh, who in the mid-twentieth century positioned the presented technique as an excellent remedy for edema in the postoperative period. The basis of the strategy was a massage of the lymphatic current line, which made it possible to get rid of puffiness much faster than it naturally went.

Over time, the method was supplemented and modernized so that doctors began to use it in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Cosmetologists took it into circulation, who praised the possibilities of the method to correct the figure, eliminating the extra volume.

Indications for use

The technique is the safest and at the same time effective measure aimed at a direct effect on the lymph nodes, human lymph. Together, this allows even a recently weakened body to successfully resist various diseases.

Thanks to lymph, tissues manage to receive nutrients, as well as replenish reserves of water, amino acids, minerals and metabolic products. The main goal of the event is to disperse the liquid in order to quickly rid the problem parts of the body from traces of bruises and swelling. The identical principle is pursued by a classic massage for weight loss, when a specialist is required to remove excess fluid from the body, which affects the visitor’s mass.

In addition to the chances of getting rid of hated kilograms, the lymphatic drainage approach additionally allows you to remove toxins and other cellular decay products from tissues. Such an approach guarantees the overall healing of the body, which is confirmed by the numerous reviews of patients who have recognized the power of this massage.

Some far-fetched philistines believe that having a toned body, they completely protect themselves from the likelihood of the accumulation of toxins that this technique helps to remove. But in fact, the signals that it is time to get rid of toxins are not even weight, but sagging skin, constant rashes, cellulite. To get rid of this, it is not enough to take care of the dermis just at home, it is important to undergo regular prophylaxis and treatment in the massage room.

In addition to therapeutic purposes, the method often becomes a real salvation for those who seek to get rid of cosmetic defects.

The underlying indications for him include:

  • cellulite, which works especially well with its edematous type;
  • getting rid of fatty layers;
  • reduction of facial edema;
  • neutralization of swelling of the legs and upper limbs;
  • getting rid of bags, bruises under the eyes;
  • cell regeneration;
  • control of sagging with subsequent recovery;
  • reduction of wrinkles around the eyes and in other places;
  • correction of body contours.

It is important to remember here that attempts to conduct a session on one's own, without having the necessary skills, can result in an aggravation of the condition up to an accidental injury to the musculoskeletal system. To avoid the sad development of the scenario, you need to trust your body only to an experienced specialist with a medical background who has documents confirming his qualifications.

The price of such a service in a medical center or clinic may be more expensive than private individuals without proper qualifications offer. But it is better to play it safe so as not to become a victim of unprofessional service.

Often, doctors direct their wards to undergo complex therapy, including massage, if the victim revealed:

  • reduced immunity due to severe emotional upheaval, poor environmental situation, and other external negative factors;
  • unstable psycho-emotional health caused by stress;
  • manifestations of varicose veins;
  • problems regarding the functioning of the lymphatic outflow;
  • too large accumulations of intercellular fluid;
  • general health problems like chronic fatigue, lethargy, and malaise.

No home portable massager can guarantee such a high result in a short time.

Possible contraindications

Regardless of whether the patient will be assigned a classic hardware-based way to correct the problem, or an innovative Japanese approach, the contraindications for them remain identical.

Relative and absolute prohibitions are called:

  • thrombosis, thrombophlebitis;
  • damage to the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of the skin, including extensive or local purulent inflammation;
  • herpes;
  • neuralgia;
  • lymphadenitis, lymphadenopathy;
  • burns, open wound surfaces, other skin lesions;
  • inflammation in the process of exacerbation.

Oncological neoplasms of a benign and malignant nature are considered separately, regardless of the specific location. Contraindications and pregnancy are covered.

Optimal zones

Not all over the body are allowed to use lymphatic drainage techniques. To make the effect before and after visible more clearly, and also not be accompanied by greater risks of side effects, specialists work only with strictly defined zones.

This is also explained by the fact that excess fluid most accumulates on the face and lower extremities. But there are exceptions when people deal with problems in the upper limbs, when the hands become the most edematous part. Here, more and more depends on the individual characteristics of each victim.

If you strictly follow the prescribed medical course, then after a couple of receptions, significant progress can be noted. First, the swelling of the eyelids goes away, then the skin becomes more even, and the complexion is leveled.

For such a tender area, it is better to use the traditional manual type of lymphatic drainage massage, which is able to restore skin elasticity. The only warning here is the absence of contraindications, as well as cured ulcers, if any, took place.

Separately, there is a category for those who participate in anti-cellulite programs. They are given the whole body massage service, which acts as a guarantor of the natural modulation of a slim silhouette. This happens due to the acceleration of the movement of blood, lymph, the launch of long-asleep metabolic processes.

Often among the visitors of such specialized doctors there are those who are faced with the problem of rapid swelling of the limbs. Sometimes, only point therapy is used to treat such a deviation, but in most cases a general lymphatic drainage approach is used. This allows you to increase the final percentage of productivity.

Main classifications

Depending on how to do the massage, its specific type will be determined. There are three broad divisions on the question:

  • surface;
  • projection;
  • deep.

The first is to awaken the lymphatic capillaries. The second is needed to activate the areas where the projection of the lymph nodes is located. The deep version is therapeutic in nature, as it works with the immediate lymph nodes.

There is another classification among professionals that shares suggestions on tools for implementing a treatment program:

  • manual;
  • hardware room.

The first type, as the name implies, is carried out manually by the master. To achieve sufficient performance, you will have to spend at least an hour on a special couch. Moreover, the patient can count on a relaxing effect, which occurs due to the calming of the central nervous system. Some patients even manage to fall asleep during it.

The technique is painless, allowing you to open the skin pores in order to remove excess biological fluid from the body while warming the lymph. The most important message of the measure is the removal of muscle tension in order to relieve the victim of spasms.

Further, the expert will stage by stage:

  1. Activation of the lymphatic areas. To do this, you have to use surge, which is a soft pressure. The complex includes exposure to the supraclavicular, abdominal region, abdomen and inguinal lymph nodes. Receptions are repeated several times to fully open the path to the lymph.
  2. Activation of capillaries and neuroreceptors. The stage involves smooth wave-like movements in the direction of blood flow - from top to bottom.

The strategy can be applied both to get rid of a number of diseases, and simply as a prevention of the accumulation of psychoemotional stress.

Hardware technology

The use of hardware technology significantly reduces the time spent on manipulation. To achieve maximum returns, specialists have developed several branches of this massage format. All of them differ in the auxiliary materials used, which significantly expands the list of indications for their use, allowing you to replace one method with another without loss of productivity.

There are three types of hardware approach:

  • pressure therapy;
  • microcurrent drainage;
  • vacuum.

The first category is based on the attraction of compressed air, which affects the given problem areas. In most cases, manipulation is used to significantly reduce the volume of the upper and lower extremities, thighs. To achieve the planned outcome, only a qualified expert should conduct the intervention.

To implement the plan, special dressings are applied to the patient, which generate compression and subsequent pressure on certain areas. Through time, a person himself will feel the first positive changes that occur due to the dispersal of blood.

For the microcurrent direction, pulses that are safe for the body are used, not differing in high power. The result becomes apparent after a couple of sessions, because the fluids in the body accelerate quite quickly.

The vacuum strategy is a bit like a classic anti-cellulite massage, because for its implementation special vessels are only used. With their help, the master reduces pressure, opening up the accumulated liquid a direct path to the exit.

How is the procedure

Any type of such treatment or prophylaxis involves preliminary preparation, including a mandatory examination. Based on the obtained test results, as well as the instructions of the attending physician, the massage therapist will choose the optimal tactics.

Usually, sessions are prescribed every other day, but the course of therapy can be as many as 6 visits, and more than a dozen, depending on individual needs and effectiveness. To improve performance, the patient must drink an increased amount of water before a specialist visit.

Already at the patient’s appointment they will be asked to undress and lie down on the couch. First, his body is treated with a cleansing gel to neutralize any impurities, and then oil or cream is applied.

Even if hardware devices are involved, heating must still take place manually, so that the tissues can get used to the increased load. The doctor should try to provide all conditions for the complete relaxation of his patient, up to establishing the optimal temperature regime.

The action itself is a bit like the mechanism that should be followed with a classic massage. In the beginning, the doctor acts on the lymph nodes, and then move in the direction of the lymph flow.

The final stage involves cleansing the skin of the remnants of the cream. If the victim has dry skin, sometimes skipping the point for erasing oil residues is allowed. It remains only to apply the final product, which has a narrow profile, whether it is an anti-cellulite gel or aromatic milk.

Doctor's recommendations and side effects

Despite the lack of significant preparation for manipulation, it is worthwhile to understand that it has a number of auxiliary aspects that help to achieve the desired faster. One of these points is quitting smoking and drinking alcohol.

Regardless of whether the procedure is scheduled for the next day, you should abandon a hearty dinner in favor of a light analogue, and also not lean on taking fluids before bedtime. Such a policy will have to be followed throughout therapy, even if it lasts several weeks.

It will be useful to take a shower before going to the massage room, using scrubs. Such meticulous preparation will make it easier to achieve a high percentage of penetration of cosmetic products.

Once the intervention is over, do not get up from the medical couch immediately. Instead, you should spend a couple of minutes at rest, continuing to lie. And then drink warm water. With the desire to lose weight, auxiliary lymphatic drainage wrap will help, which medical centers can offer immediately after the main manipulation. An integrated approach will guarantee the prolongation of the lymphatic outflow process.

Although the physiological procedure presented has long established itself on the positive side, it has some side effects that do not always manifest themselves. Even if the patient has no contraindications, they may encounter light bruises after completing a hardware massage.

The reason for this is the high fragility of blood vessels, which is characteristic of people who smoke. But if such cosmetic defects are single in nature, then this is not a cause for alarm, because they quickly disappear. If the victim is tormented by more serious symptoms, then this should be immediately reported to the attending physician.

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