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Sex therapist

A sex therapist who deals with problems in the field of patients ’sexuality is still considered a doctor in many countries whose activities are not discussed in society. This stereotypical thinking has destroyed many relationships, becoming the reason for the breakup or even divorce.

Sexology is a science that addresses the issues of natural and unnatural manifestations of human sexuality. She also studies diseases of a concomitant nature, methods of getting rid of ailments and disorders, as well as the effective prevention of relapses.

Who is a sex therapist?

A doctor who has dedicated his professional work to sexology is required to understand not only the medical, in particular the physiological, part of the question. He should also be an expert in many other areas of activity that are closely related to psychology, sociology, and in some cases even forensics.

Experts say that the most significant results are achieved by the method that the patient came to with a firm knowledge that he needed help. If the couple is experiencing problems, it is better to appear to the specialist together at least for the first time. This will help to more accurately identify the issue. For such patients, a family doctor works separately, aimed at preserving the marriage of spouses beginning to move away from each other.

For the convenience of diagnosing diseases, sexology was schematically divided into two equivalent camps: normal and clinical. The first option covers cases where patients simply need advice. This means that no significant deviations were found in them, and the consultation can become a tool to get rid of awkwardness or other reasons that prompted you to go to the hospital.

The clinical focus works more deeply. It is aimed not only at eliminating sexual deviations, but also at preventing them. Such a doctor can sometimes work even with adolescents at the urgent request of their parents. Such cases are considered individually, depending on the current symptoms.

In addition to these two broad categories, there are several more that have an even narrower focus. This is where the ethnocultural group is ranked. Not all ordinary people understand what such a doctor does and why his help is needed in such a specific context. But it is often very difficult for international couples to find a common language on the marriage bed. Especially often this happens between people with the opposite mentality or different religious beliefs.

To help men and women with different upbringing and cultural values, the specialist delves into all the subtleties of a certain nationality and helps to establish contact between lovers.

Special attention deserves the master in forensic sexology. In some countries, people are specially trained in such a narrow direction, so that later they can help the police in the investigation of sexual crimes. Especially often, such unusual help becomes useful in the study of personalities and motives of sexual maniacs. The results sometimes even lay the foundation for profiling a possible suspect of violent rape or murder.

But in most cases, the sexologist, who is also called the sex therapist, deals with more trivial problems like ailments in terms of sexual health or the psychological aspect of sexual activity. Also, people who have various sexual pathologies tend to enroll in it. Officially, many disorders are related to deviations in this part, the most common of which are commonly called:

  • same-sex sex;
  • obsession with sex;
  • sex drive for children or animals.

In some cases, a referral to this doctor can be obtained by the husband and wife, if they wish, to have offspring. Some leading researchers on a given topic generally recommend that all couples, when planning their children, attend a preliminary consultation with a sexologist.

A urologist can refer to him if the patient suffers from quite rare diseases of the genitourinary system. Sometimes even a psychologist strongly recommends seeking the help of such a narrow expert if the victim has become a victim of a sexual psychological disorder.

When do you need help?

It is difficult to identify universal symptoms for absolutely all potential patients of a sexopathologist. Due to the fact that the spectrum of its activity extends to both physiological abnormalities and psychological problems, the signs of diseases can manifest themselves in different ways. In especially advanced cases, they can even be latent, manifesting itself from time to time.

On the biological side, most often the symptoms indicating any problems in women are usually called:

  • difficulties due to obstruction in the genital tract;
  • cramping in the vagina;
  • pain during the act;
  • lack of satisfaction.

In all these cases, sex turns into almost a conscription, or even falls under the ban so as not to once again injure the body or experience another stress. In the first case, the difficulty in sexual activity is explained by problems with physiology. Ladies just have congenital genital malformations.

Outwardly, these deviations do not manifest themselves: they do not bring discomfort in daily affairs, and also do not pose any threat to the body. But during intercourse, pathology makes itself felt, sometimes completely blocking the opportunity to experience the pleasures of an intimate life.

No less often, representatives of the weaker sex are tormented due to spasms in the area of ​​entry into the vagina. When trying to start direct sexual intercourse, the girl begins to experience sharp pain due to contraction of muscle fibers in the vagina.

A good doctor will not rule out the fact that the reason for this resistance is the psychological aspect. In most cases, the primary cause for the non-standard response of the body is the lack of sexual activity in the past, which provokes an unconscious protective reaction.

But the lack of pleasure from an intimate life is characteristic of both young women who previously had sexual intercourse, and those who first had sex. There may be several reasons for this scenario, but only three are called the most common by doctors:

  • underdevelopment of the genital apparatus;
  • infectious diseases;
  • abortions in the past.

Fixed in medical practice and just cases of sharp pain when the partner penetrates into the vagina. This is usually associated with inflammatory processes in the genitals or even the cervix.

The unwritten ranking of reasons for treatment among men looks a little different. Here TOP-3 is occupied by:

  • lack of sexual desire;
  • decreased sex drive;
  • problems with ejaculation.

Despite the stereotype that increased libido is a good sign, in medical practice, such excessive sex drive becomes the reason for going to the doctor. Experts believe that it is as dangerous as frigidity or premature ejaculation.

No less dangerous disease is erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the background for it can be different: from biological malfunctions or stressful situations, and ending with the syndrome of sensation of sexual failure.

Some who wish to consult with an experienced sexologist are often embarrassed to do this, believing that a record on a medical card about going to such a delicate doctor will not paint them. For embarrassing citizens work private rooms. Such a clinic will provide not only anonymity, but will also appreciate competent treatment based on the latest techniques and medicines, if necessary.

The most important thing in this matter is not to delay. So, a girl who did not want to seek help in time with a clear psychological unpreparedness for the first sexual intercourse may in the future face the consequences of her frivolity. It is much more difficult to treat frigidity or other psychological abnormalities on an emotional basis at an advanced stage.

If the representative of the beautiful half of humanity is still not mentally prepared for the beginning of a sexual life, and the biological age is already "running out," then it's time to seek help.

No less sad are patients who have problems with hormonal imbalance. The problem here is that they often do not understand themselves that all their difficulties are rooted in the shortage or overabundance of certain hormones. But they are simply enough to adjust "in manual mode" when taking concomitant drugs. This truth is also confirmed by numerous reviews of patients who have successfully undergone hormonal therapy.

It will also be useful to go for advice to adolescents from 14-17 years old. This scenario will appeal to advanced moms and dads who want their child to receive a full sex education. In the future, such openness in matters of intimate life will be able to guarantee the absence of many difficulties that more pinned peers will face.

How is the reception?

Usually, the first visit to the sexologist, although accompanied by some awkwardness, ends on a friendly note. From the very beginning, the doctor conducts a conversation to carefully listen to the visitor, or even the couple together. In some cases, it is enough to use the methods of psychotherapy in order to save the patient from a painful manifestation of the disease in a few sessions.

To do this, specialists resort to:

  • psychoanalysis;
  • body oriented therapy;
  • behavioral therapy;
  • cognitive therapy.

The first paragraph involves the search for the source of sexual abuse and the development of further actions that stand in the way of correction. Some clinics even arrange promotions for their clients, allowing you to visit the first appointment for free. During such "open days," doctors are just guided by the basics of psychoanalysis.

Further, the clinic, or rather, the sex therapist himself is guided by the primary results obtained. Sometimes, to solve a problem, it is enough to study certain skills in specific situations. And it also happens that cognitive therapy cannot be dispensed with. It is based on the correction of deviations due to scientific thinking and refocusing of the imagination. Occasionally, even mixed therapies are prescribed to achieve the desired result in the shortest way with minimal loss.

But if group or individual therapy does not work, or the problem covers the physiological spectrum, then the doctor prescribes an examination of the genitourinary system.

To make an accurate diagnosis, not only laboratory research results are used, but also an instrumental technique. The first category includes blood and urine tests, and these can be either just general tests or biochemistry. Additionally, bacterial culture is done, a blood test by PCR. Men are offered to take fluid from the prostate, and women are given scrapings from the vagina.

To implement the instrumental spectrum of procedures, various equipment is attached. One of the most effective and at the same time safe methods is considered to be an ultrasound of the genitals.

If necessary, make a spermogram, conduct a gynecological examination or examination of the vessels of the penis. An almost mandatory point for obtaining a detailed clinical picture is the passage of testing for hormonal levels.

The results obtained qualitatively affect the program of further treatment, its features and duration. Sometimes it covers only psychotherapeutic help, and sometimes it can not do without medication. It will be needed when detecting pathologies of an organic nature such as inflammation of different localization.

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